Ultimate Dependability: The Top Rated UD Heavy and Medium Range Trucks

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Economic development happens when there is substantial activity in the commercial market. To facilitate transportation of goods from the place of manufacture to the destination of retail outlet, there has to be a mode of transport that is highly dependable and fast. What can be more appropriate for bulk transfer of goods than delivery trucks? Hence, goods transport industry depends heavily on good quality trucks. Australia boasts of manufacturing some of the best trucks in the market. Nonetheless, UD trucks are by far the most top rated heavy duty trucks in Australia. They live up to their name UD that stands for “Ultimate Dependability”.

UD manufactures trucks in medium and heavy duty category. However,GW 26 420 heavy duty truck is considered the king of the road. Despite its powerful features and horsepower, it runs smoothly and silently on the road. The truck is available in two wheelbases and has an 11-liter diesel engine that meets the Euro 5 specifications and requirements of fuel efficiency.  The ESCOT V transmission helps in making the UD truck a better vehicle for comfort driving.

The AMT or automated manual transmission without the clutch pedal is a boon to the drivers who have to go on the strenuous long trips for delivery of goods. The 2 pedal 12-speed transmission promises to offer a comfortable ride in Australian tough conditions and multi-terrain drives. The transmission is so designed that it helps reduce driving stress, wear & tear of engine and tyres and overall maintenance of the vehicle. Besides, it boosts fuel economy.

UD trucks have a urea SCR system installed in them. SCR is Selective Catalytic Reduction system that purifies the exhaust gases when in contact with SCR catalyst and thus reduces Carbon dioxide emission, and is environmentally friendly. Other advantages of SCR include a reduction in engine heating and engine oil drainage, plus it eliminates the necessity to purchase special engine oil.  Quon heavy duty trucks are available in five models – CK 17 380, CW 26 380, GK 17 420, GW 26 420 and GW 26 470. Each one is designed to deliver optimum comfort and smooth drive. The overall performance and durability of these top rated heavy duty trucks have made them the most popular freight carriers in Australia. These heavy duty trucks have a horsepower of 278 kW@1800 rpm and go up to 308 to 340 kW in certain models. This makes them the most powerful carriers available in the market at present.

UD trucks manufacture the medium range of trucks under the brand name Condor. These trucks are equally popular like their heavy range counterparts. Available in MK and PK range, these medium range trucks too have an impressive power of 180-206 kW@2500 rpm. Even though they are designed for city ride, these medium range trucks are equally suitable for transporting small loads interstate.

Japanese medium duty truck reviews state that UD is the sole Japanese truck manufacturer which offers dual choices for suspensions in the medium range like steel leaf or air bag rear suspension that offers maximum driving comfort and minimal fatigue. The long tapered leaf springs in the front part of vehicle double up as telescopic shock absorbers. The automatic braking system (ABS) enables the driver to have full control of the vehicle in extreme braking conditions, thus ensuring a safe drive.

UD medium and top rated heavy duty trucks are the first choice of freight carriers all over Australia.

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